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A few years ago I tried to find an Nmap frontend / GUI for the iPhone and nothing but a youtube video for an unreleased version for iOS 1.X came up. To my surprise the same was the case a few weeks ago when I finally decided to start coding a bit for iOS. Since I’ve always missed easy access to Nmap functionality from Springboard and the ability to copy/paste output easily I decided to try wrapping Nmap in a GUI myself. Today the product is far from a complete GUI for the vast amount of Nmap arguments and uses, but I’ve decided to release it later today and hopefully the jailbreak community will help me find most of the bugs and give me inspiration to keep improving the Nmap GUI.
In a few minutes I’m submitting it to the ModMyi.com repo, so it should show up in Cydia later today.

A lot of Nmap functionality requires root access so I’ve included a tip about how to run Nmap from within the GUI as root. By simply setting SUID by running “chmod u+s /usr/bin/nmap” as root(from SSH or Mobile Terminal) Nmap will always run as root, but remember this is an unsafe method since Nmap can then be exploited to gain root access from user mobile – you do this at your OWN RISK! If you have a safer way to run Nmap as root from within the GUI, then please let me know.

If you have any comments or bug reports then please comment this post or e-mail me on anders@evilpigeon.dk


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