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Nmap GUI for iPhone / iOS updated

I finally had the time to update my app “Nmap GUI” available through Cydia to version 0.98

Nmap GUIIt’s a pretty basic app that connects to the command line utility and network scanner “Nmap” and displays output in a more human readable and iOS friendly way than using Nmap directly through MobileTerminal.

The basic idea of the app is that since Nmap is the world’s favourite network scanner it shouldn’t be wrapped into something completely different like some of the Appstore knockoffs that don’t offer a fraction of Nmap’s functionality – it should be available as it is but still be “usable” on iOS without going through the hassle of using MobileTerminal that won’t let you copy/paste the output.

The first few releases had a couple of annoying bugs that I didn’t have the time to get rid of, when I first released it. Firstly the app didn’t take into account that the different versions of Nmap are located different places in iOS, so for those users where the Nmap was located in /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin/nmap the app was pretty useless unless you knew that you could simply symlink Nmap to the path expected by the app. The new version of Nmap GUI now checks the path and uses the correct one, so I expect that bug to be solved.

Secondly, an even more annoying bug was that output wasn’t displayed until the scan was completed (imagine the wait for long scans or slow connections!) and the app would completely lock up when waiting for Nmap to finish.. In the new version the output is displayed on the fly and data is grabbed as Nmap passes it. This also means that you can cancel an active network scan simply by starting another one.

The reason I haven’t decided to call the new version 1.0 is that it still has a lot of kinks to be worked out before it is “complete”.

In the next release I plan to update it for retina displays and add a load/save menu that lets you save scans and output and easily repeat a common scan. Maybe I’ll also have the time to make it universal(so it’ll look better on the iPad) but don’t count on it.

And for those who haven’t checked it out – it’s free of course! Just search for “Nmap GUI” in Cydia.

If you have any questions, comments or bug reports then please just leave a comment 🙂

P.S. Since this blog is mainly Danish I might move future updates about Nmap GUI to my English tech blog i4s.dk


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